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Tel. +358 10 315 3015


Sari Huhtinen

Management Assistant

045 6363 285

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Sari supports managing director and management as their assistant. She also has duties in administration, external accounting and HR.
Zuzana Huurre

Assistant Controller

050 542 9045

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Zuzana supports Controller in managerial accounting and reporting. Furthermore, she has duties in external accounting.
Jani Jeromaa

Facilities Manager

0400 218 852

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Jani works as the Managing Director of the subsidiaries of Turku Technology Properties Group and Housing Manager. He is responsible for the quality control of maintenance services, and risk management, and assists the customers with any issues related to the premises.
Noora Kallio

Marketing Specialist

040 150 9585

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Noora arranges different events, writes press releases, and produces marketing materials. She assists the Communications Director with many communication and marketing tasks.
Hele Kaunismäki

Customer Relations Director

+358 50 559 0374

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Hele is responsible for the customer relations of coworking space Werstas. In addition, she develops the consepts of Werstas and Joki.
Outi Kiili
Outi is responsible for the group’s managerial accounting and reporting. She takes care of project follow-up and preparation of decisions, as well as acting as the secretary of the Management Board and the Boards of the real estate companies.
Kirsi Kilpi

Property Secretary

040 575 5904

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Kirsi manages the keys and property register and sees to it that the ground plans of the buildings are up to date. She also draws layout plans for the customers’ needs and helps in planning of modification of premises.
Mikko Lehtinen
Mikko manages the company within the authority granted by the Board of Directors and acts as the company’s spokesperson. He is a visionary hands-on director who can be spotted showing premises to customers as well as negotiating on the future of the company.
Katja Liesilinna

Financial Specialist

0400 197 162

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Katja manages MREC's external reporting and prepares financial statements. She is also responsible for invoicing as well as Group's cash management.
Terhi Marin

Communications Director

044 907 4151

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Terhi is responsible for the planning and implementation of marketing and communication, handles the company’s relations with the co-operation organisations, and sits in the Management Board. She writes press releases and produces marketing materials and content to social media.
Marko Mäenpää
Marko is responsible for the daily running of lobby and other services and updating of signs. He may be approached with improvement suggestions for solving big or small practical problems.
Hanna Nikula

Financial Specialist

+358 41 535 2686

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Hanna manages MREC's external reporting and prepares financial statements. She is also responsible for invoicing as well as Group's cash management.
Maija Nurmio

Head of Accounting

040 674 5080

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Maija is responsible for Group's external reporting. She prepares financial statements for the parent company and for the Group.
Erkki Oikarinen
Erkki participates in building the company's responsibility programme and developing responsibility. He also works with other finance administration projects.
Leena Puodinketo

Finance and Administration Expert

On maternity leave

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Leena is responsible for the group’s registrations and management of agreements. She takes care of project follow-up and preparation of decisions, as well as assisting the Financial Manager with financial administration.
Maaria Rahikainen
As the company’s Legal Counsel, Maaria is responsible for HR, legality of transactions and contracts. She also makes sure that risk management is under control, and sits in the Management Board.
Olli Rosenberg

Property and Service Director

0400 288 725

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Olli is responsible for Turku Technology Properties Group’s property management and service provision, as well as contract supervision, investment plans and calculations. He is the supervisor of the real estate and services team, and sits in the Management Board.
Jari Salomaa
Jari is responsible for the premises services in the buildings, such as lobby, cleaning, IT and conference services. He helps the customers to find the services best suited to each situation.
Anniina Savisalo

Construction Manager, Architect SAFA

+358 40 539 0605

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Anniina is responsible for architectural design of new premises, as well as designing new renovation projects.
Ulla Sjöblom
Ulla is responsible for the company’s strategic financial management, administrative processes and internal control. She acts as the supervisor of the finance and administration team, and sits in the Management Board.
Julia Skovbjerg

Customer Relations Director

On maternity leave

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Julia is responsible for the company’s customer relations. She is the manager of the customer team and sits in the Management Board. In addition, she participates in the planning and execution of development projects.
Carita Varjonen

Customer Relations Manager

+358 40 676 6037

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Carita is responsible for the customer relations of Joki Visitor and Innovation Centre. In addition, she helps our clients to find the premises best suited to their needs.


Turku Technology Properties

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Tel. +358 10 315 3016

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Trainee positions

Would you like to be a trainee in the most energetic and dynamic real estate investment company in Finland?

Turku Technology Properties offers trainee positions with an excellent view to the business world, urban development and real estate investing in Turku. Trainee positions are available to students of different fields, ranging from financial administration to marketing, technology and social sciences. The trainee duties will be tailored according to the field of study and the company’s ongoing projects to meet the needs of both the trainee and the company.

Trainees are expected to have interest in the real estate business and urban development, an active and positive attitude, as well as initiative and sense of humour.

No salary is paid for trainee periods, and they last a minimum of two months. Trainee positions are available around the year excluding the summer months.

Further information on trainee positions and free-form applications:

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