What is Turku Technology Properties?

Turku Technology Properties is a real estate investment company operating in Turku Science Park that develops property and services in the area and leases premises to companies and corporations. It aims at being a profitable and easy-to-approach company that offers its customers the best environment in Finland for business and development. The floor area of the property for lease owned by Turku Technology Properties totals around 154,000 square metres, and the average utilisation rate of the premises is 95%.

The strategy of Turku Technology Properties is to grow and improve profitability by developing primarily Turku Science Park and the real estate owned by the company. The company wants to provide the players in the area with customer-oriented services that generate added value and communality, as well as creating new, internationally valued attraction factors in Turku Science Park in order to make the area more interesting and increase the value of real estate. In addition, Turku Technology Properties aims at supporting the development of Turku city-centre.

Turku Technology Properties aims at being an attractive company both for its customers and owners and offer the best environment in Finland for operating and developing.

The mission of Turku Technology Properties is to offer high-quality solutions for premises and customer-oriented services related thereto, and develop the operations of Turku Science Park, so that the companies and corporations operating there can focus on their own core business.


Innovation means creative solutions, wild ideas, and new ways to do things. It means being open for different opportunities and having keen ears to the customers’ wishes.

Responsibility means everything from electricity saving to construction in accordance with environmental certificates. It means equal partnership, good administration and flexible arrangements. It means public transportation, sustainable choice of materials, and good HR policy. Read more about our responsibility here.

Positivity means an optimistic approach, broad-mindedness and enthusiasm. It means trust, constructive attitude and the will to focus on solving problems rather than worrying about them.

Openness means transparent operations, active information services, and involving the local inhabitants in the development of Turku Science Park. Do you have opinions on Turku Technology Properties'  projects? Let us know!

The guiding idea

The operations of Turku Technology Properties are based on the view that a company needs a guiding principle, a lead idea, which summarises everything the company does. This lead idea guides the company’s operations, from its strategy to everyday work.

Turku Technology Properties has two lead ideas that guide its operations. The first one is that emotions lead to actions. People make decisions based on emotions and justify them with reason. Therefore it does make a difference what kind of an emotion something stirs in us. In case of Turku Technology Properties the idea is concretised in walls: we don’t lease just walls, but a complete ecosystem around them, a mood into which our customers hopefully want to immerse themselves. That is the idea we keep in mind when making decisions. Does a decision make Turku Science Park more pleasant, does it increase the community spirit or does it provide added value to our customers?

Secondly, Turku Technology Properties wants to provide enterprises with a growth path from starting the business to growth and conquering the world. In that respect we are supported by diverse business development and innovation services that will in the future focus on the Turku Science Park area.

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