Better working days

Can comfortable spaces, good services and a sense of community make working life better? We believe they can.

That's why we design spaces that invite you to the workplace. We offer services that make life easier and enable you to focus on your own business. We also organise events where people can meet and find joy in their working days.

Our customers include truly diverse operators – from the smallest to largest and everything in between. They have a common desire to achieve excellent results and to offer their employees an environment that inspires and encourages them to surpass themselves.

Interior design concepts

Would you like to work in an office where every detail is designed to promote the well-being of your work community and the achievement of your goals?

Turku Technologies’ office spaces are always implemented according to the needs of our customers. To clarify their needs and facilitate the planning of spaces, we have created ready-made interior design concepts for our office spaces, which include everything from surface materials to furniture, lighting, and textiles.

Contact us

Would you like to hear more about our facilities or services? Do you want to know what kind of work environment the Turku Science Park could offer your organisation?

We’d be happy to tell you more and help you find the most suitable solution for you. Contact us and let's make working life even better together!