Itäharju to be joined as part of Turku Science Park

The vision of Turku Technology Properties is to have expanded the Turku Science Park area across Helsingintie road, to the present Itäharju industrial district, by 2029. Turku Science Park of the future would naturally integrate working, living and leisure even more closely as part of the existing urban structure and public transport connections. High efficiency would allow for attracting comprehensive services to the area, while different buildings ranging from high to low would provide a varied appearance as well as leaving room for large green areas.

Decision on the possible conversion of the Itäharju industrial district into a business and residential area will be made by the Turku City Council in its regular decision-making procedure. The role of Turku Technology Properties is to support the development of the area and provide information, as required, on the current state of the area for the city officials and political decision-makers. The future of the Turku Science Park area will not, however, be determined by Turku Technology Properties, but the politically elected council members.

Turku Technology Properties Group’s planning principles for the future of Turku Science Park

New urban structure as part of the existing city
In the vision of Turku Technology Properties Group, the office and business premises of the Turku Science Park area would be located around the Turku–Helsinki entry roads near Turku city-centre, while the residential blocks would extend the verdant Itäharju district of detached houses to the south side of Kalevantie street. A central park would be built to act as the green heart of the new district. The central park would be connected by green zones to the parks in the north and east, and along bridges to the Kupittaa Park. A boulevard bridge would be built over the motorway to connect the new and existing urban structures to each other.

High efficiency – better services
The new Turku Science Park area would have both high and low buildings, which would make it dense and allow for reduced use of private cars and energy consumption, as well as efficient services. The size of the buildings would vary from 40-storey high-rises to small blocks of flats in the residential areas. High buildings would create a major new landmark in Turku, outside the historical city-centre but nevertheless within its sphere of influence. The dense and efficient urban structure would allow for locating jobs, business premises and services in the area. High efficiency would also speak for routing a tram line through the area.

Synergy from combining functions
In the vision of Turku Technology Properties Group, new high buildings facing the central park would be built in the area; they could include either offices or residences. On the bridge over Helsingintie road there would be business premises and restaurants to serve the offices, residences and jobs in the vicinity. The northern part of the area would focus on various types of residences with suitable solutions for families of different sizes and people of all ages. The eastern part of the area would have new business premises for trade and services that require a lot of space.

Individuals and community
The envisioned new Turku Science Park area would offer various degrees of privacy, ranging from plazas around tram stops to semi-public courtyards and from parks to private gardens. Near the main plaza the appearance would be urban, but would become more nature-like while moving towards the edges of the area. The central park would offer a place for a variety of sports and leisure activities, and the pavilion building located there would serve as a rendezvous for the residents.

A vital, safe and healthy working and living environment
One of Turku Technology Properties Group’s starting points in the planning of the area is mixing the functions, which contributes to the creation of a vital and diverse urban district. In the vision, the residential blocks would face the green central park banned from cars, which would help in creating a healthy and desirable residential area. In the plan, the routes of pedestrians and cyclists have been integrated as part of the traffic network of the whole area.

Sustainable development
In the vision of Turku Technology Properties Group, the area would be realised in accordance with the development by placing the building so that passive heating and the amount of light would be at their maximum. The rooftops could be used for collecting solar power and generating electricity. The use of private cars in the area would be reduced by arranging efficient public transportation and by locating services close to each other within the area. The opportunities for local heat and electricity production using renewable energy sources, and recycling of waste and greywater should also be investigated. High efficiency, diversity of operations, and location in the immediate vicinity of Turku city-centre provide a good basis for developing an extremely energy-efficient district.

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