Turku Technology Properties has approximately 1,900 parking spaces in the Turku Science Park, of which approximately 200 are guest parking spaces. Reserved parking spaces are available in the basements of BioCity, DataCity, EduCity, ICT-City and As Oy Kupittaanpuisto and in the car park on Lemminkäisenkatu. In addition, there are reserved parking spaces at Tahkonaukio, Itäharju sports field, in the car park behind TriviumCity, and in the basement under Pihlajalinna Hospital and CivilCity.

Guest parking spaces, on the other hand, can be found in BioCity's garage, EduCity's gravel field and Tahkoaukio's gravel field, and TriviumCity's courtyard. Parking at Technology Properties’ premises is managed by Aimo Park.

See all the parking spaces in the area on the Turku Science Park map.

Bicycle parking

It is also easy to arrive at the Science Park by bicycle as there are bicycle parking spaces with frame locks in the immediate vicinity of each property. In addition, bicycle parking spaces in BioCity's car park are available on weekdays from 07.00 to 17.00. Access to the bicycle parking spaces located in the parking hall is via Joukahaisenkatu.

There is a locked bicycle parking space in ParkCity ground floor (address Joukahaisenkatu 8). Access to parking space is via Spacent booking app which can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone.

See all bicycle parking places in the area on the Turku Science Park map.