Viikon vastaantulija löytää syksystä monta hyvää asiaa

Huolimatta siitä, että viime viikon vastaantulijamme oli vasta lähdössä kesälomalaitumille, alkaa syksy vääjäämättä hiipiä lähemmäs. Se ei ole kuitenkaan välttämättä vain ikävä juttu ja haastammekin tämän viikon vastaantulijan etsimään lähestyvästä syksystä hyviä puolia!

Hi, who are you and what are you doing here?

I’m Barun and I am from Nepal and I’ve been living in Finland for 9 and half years now. I have a company, Smartmobe Oy and we are now located in Werstas. 

It is already August and fall is obviously coming, how do you feel about that?

I feel fine. I’m the guy who always tries to enjoy the moment. I’m not a weather dependent. If I’m distracted by the weather, I try to find the solution, like just travel somewhere else.

Does the word autumn bring anything special in your mind?

Yes, colors, I love colors! In Finland nature is very beautiful in autumn and that is one reason why I like to live here.

Do you have any plans or expectations for this upcoming season?

In business we are having a few projects which we are launching and I hope it goes well.  In personal life I hope everything is calm.

And the last question: Name three things about autumn that are wonderful!

Colors of the nature, diverse of the colors and beauty of that diversity. I also like the weather which is mild, not too hot or too cold. And I like that after summer everyone gets back in business.

Värikästä ja aurinkoista syksyä Barunille!

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