Responsibility guides all Technology Properties’ activities. The environment, society and owners and stakeholders are considered in everything we do in the company, whether it is construction, people's well-being or planning for the future.

The implementation of responsibility is closely monitored with various metrics, which indicate that Technology Properties has been very successful in its responsibility. And why wouldn’t it be, because the company invests a lot in the well-being of its employees, new buildings are built in accordance with the requirements of highly valued environmental certificates, and guided exercise and breakfast events are organised for the people that work in the Science Park.

Fiscal responsibility

We offer our owners a steady return. We constantly strive to increase the value of our real estate by developing the properties we own and related services so that they better meet the needs of our customers. Our goal is to grow, generate value and increase interest in us as an investment target.

Social responsibility

We communicate openly about our activities and our investment in the well-being of our personnel and customers. We engage in continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and strive to promote equality and tolerance in all our activities.

Environmental responsibility

We pay attention to the environmental impact of all our activities and minimise factors that burden the environment. We only use green electricity, continuously develop energy efficiency, and minimise the environmental impact of properties we build throughout their life cycles.