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Technology Properties was founded in 2010 due to the need to develop the Turku Science Park. The attractiveness of the premises located in the area had decreased and rents had stagnated. The premises had several different owners who competed for the same customers and did not want to invest in the development of the properties.

One of the largest owners of the area, the city of Turku, with the current CEO of Technology Properties Mikko Lehtinen at the forefront, nevertheless saw the hidden potential of the area. Therefore, it was decided to consolidate the ownership of the properties into one company, which began to invest not only in the offices, but also in the development of the whole district. Turku Technology Properties was created with the goal of making Turku Science Park the most attractive environment for companies and communities in Finland.

Currently, the company has more than 300 customers and owns approximately 150,000 square metres of rentable spaces in the Science Park and Itäharju. Technology Properties employs 43 people who aim at making working life even better.

The dream of a stimulating working life


Our mission is to improve working life. Our facilities, services and the entire community that operates in the Science Park exist so that you and your colleagues can enjoy your workplace and achieve better results.


Our dream is that every person should be able to work in an environment that inspires and encourages them to surpass themselves. We believe that by offering our customers all our expertise in working life, we are one step closer to making this dream come true.

The values on which our operations are based


For us, innovation is creative solutions, wild ideas, and new ways of doing things. It is openness to different possibilities and a heightened ability to listen to our customers' wishes.


For us, responsibility means everything from saving electricity to building in accordance with environmental certificates. It is an equal partnership, good governance, and flexible arrangements. It is public transport, sustainable material choices and a good personnel policy.

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For us, positivity is an optimistic attitude, open-mindedness, and enthusiasm. It is trust, a constructive attitude, and the desire to focus on solving problems instead the problems themselves.


For us, openness means transparent operations, active communication and involving citizens in the company's daily activities and future development. It is also easy accessibility, an open negotiation culture and an interest in everyone's opinions.